Is the summer of 2012 Dungeon Fighter Online Male mages

what else is there to say about this that hasn't been said in Diablo II?, baby! In-love


Other than that, there really isn't much to say. It's pretty boring. No music. Same enemies spread all over the place. Weakling boss who I 100% grab chained without even trying. It simply took too long for the payoff and it wasn't fun. This will be a great thing for people who are new or aren't that proficient at the game yet to get all your awakening mats. Not to mention the prices of nearly every Unique, Legacy, & awakening mats are going to drop DRAMATICALLY. Let it be so, then.

The FIRST thing that came to my mind, is the summer of 2012. Male mages...Male mages everywhere! Um, I think someone needs to make these into Male mage sprites so we can waste them. That would be pretty fun, at least lol. With some good music, & wrecking avatar-less mages, it would be so awesome!

I'll put it this way. I wanted to like, make the 'first' Tau Kingdom video, right? yay, me. But, it was so boring to me, that I stopped recording half way through the dungeon. *yawn* No one will care in a week, tops. This is NO Altar Of Infinity. They actually did a good job of recreating the original Diablo II enviornment...perhaps a little too well. I think they could have done so much more cool stuff with this concept. Enemy sprites & backdrop are good enough. No tactics? No music? No strategy? I'm still going to record a run anyways, because I can, I suppose. 


This time around was actually a lot more fun than the first run, since I kinda had a semblence of what to do this time. LOL @ getting cheesed by the boss & lag at the end of the raping he was getting.


Tau Chef! lol they have him saying some funny stuff. It's pretty cool, I gotta admit.


Here's what Tau Chef sells in his shop. Nice. 


Now I don't have to waste mileage on silly avatars with no stats...I can have the best of both OBT 2 event shops!


Word, word...they're giving this stuff away. Wonder how much it truly will affect the market. It's going to be interesting to watch, you guys...


Cool. Won't have to worry about buying pots for awhile, not that I use them much anymore, if at all. Occasionally in unique circumstances I use them, still. Having so many of them for so cheap; basically nothing will be kinda nice. In-love I love at how Tau Chef openly talks about cooking Tau's. "Cooking Monster Cuisine is fun!" um, winning!


Here are the avatar extension items. Pretty cheap! At the very least to extend the pieces you want by a week. 


about to use this post-haste in a dungeon & will report back soon! lol


Seems more than fair for just running this simple dungeon twice a day. Not bad. Not bad at all, actually. Now that I've taken some time to process the information.


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