Dungeon Fighter Online Myths and superstitions

Welcome, new players and returning players! DFO Global is running a lv70 cap build, and has years and years of lv80+ patches to receive. The game changes so wildly with almost every patch that guides have to be rewritten every time there's a rebalance, new dungeon, or something. I hope you're all as excited as I am to receive new stuff.
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Dungeon Fighter Online Myths and superstitions

To that end, I'd like to collect and bid farewell to a bunch of nonsense superstitions, some of which have been hanging around since early access beta DFO on our side of the ocean and probably the early, early closed beta on the other side. Especially since some of these don't even make sense at our current "Innovation"/lv70 cap patch.

Myth: Fixed doesn't need/can't scale with money!
Myth: Percent needs reinforcement to do pve!
Fact: Both fixed and percent a) do normal pve perfectly fine with magic sealed equipment, and can finish ancient and otherverse dungeons before they have gear. b) suck exactly as much at efficient endgaming as each other without gear and investment.
I've taken ele, f.grapp, glacial master, and chaser battle mage into OV2 and OV3, and I've done heavy OV with ele and f.grapp, so I've tasted both sides of this fence from the start to the end aplenty.
To start with, let's talk about magic sealed equipment. Dungeon difficulty was originally intended to scale as follows:
Normal: For solos
Expert: Duo or more recommended
Masters: Full party recommended
Kings: For extreme players only
Yes, even on piddly dungeons like the ones in Behemoth. Do you realize how fortunate we are to get to grind on Kings like it's nothing! All of that is due pretty much to the magic sealed equipment patch. It's always been the case that you need at least purple in all slots to solo Kings easily, and make mincemeat of normal pve. Fixed damage does not change this one bit. My f.grapp leveled up to about 55 under the level 60 cap, when there wasn't nearly as many systems as there are now to make fixed classes scale with gear (more on that later). She still had a miserable, grueling time--with a duo partner!--on Brigand City until I leveled her up to 50, equipped my new purples including weapon, and got the massive boost in stats and damage that entails. On a pure fixed damage class!

Before the magic sealed equipment patch, purples were locked behind an ever increasing price wall for entry level pve. Now that we have magic seals dropping more often than blues, our starting point is actually hella geared for doing normal pve. You don't have to worry about gear for just completing dungeons and reaching the level cap.

On that note, let's run through the many, many ways that fixed damage can spend just as much on gear as percent does:
Advanced or rare avatar set + emblems: I've taken at least five characters, fixed and percent, to level 70. Let me tell you, post-60 pve freaking sucks without a full avatar set and/or a couple pinks (or at least compared to your geared up main). My Asura with a primarily fixed damage build slogged through relatively inefficient normal dungeon runs and died on ancients attempts without avatars. Meanwhile, my pure percent Glacial Master had a much more pleasant time with just a pink sub-equip and a +11 staff, and my pure fixed f.grappler melted dungeons and ancient quests with ease with her full avatar set and Chaos Overseer.
Independent Attack Strength: Translated as Base Attack Strength in DFO. This is a stat that determines the skill value of fixed damage skills. This affects fixed damage so much that 1) pinks and tainted dimensional weapons are always better for fixed than magic seals, even if the pink has no special effect, and 2) refinement level 7 can give a damage boost equal to what +14 does for percent damage.
Elemental Attack
Enchantments and pink accessories: These cost exactly as much for fixed damage characters as they do for percent damage characters. Savings comes from popularity, not damage type--the pure percent Glacial Master spends less money on his Ratria Tear than a pure fixed F.Grappler on her Selist Tear.
Chronicle and Epic equipment: Far and away the best options for armor and weapon slots, regardless of class; and depending on class, in the other slots as well. Both fixed and percent will be spending the same money on the same hell invitations and OV supplies to grind for these.
Interdimensional Int/Str: What, you thought percent was the only one to benefit from a +14 weapon?
Interdimensional stats show up on cursed equipment that gets uncursed, and can be placed on regular equipment with a recipe from Klonter. The stat bonus increases as you perform the analogous reinforcement at Klonter (there's a separate term, I forget what it is at the moment). A female grappler can get infinite "exponential" growth on her damage if she places interdimensional strength on her weapon and succeeds at reinforcing it.
The only difference between percent and fixed at this point is that fixed does fixed and percent does percent. Plain and simple. Neither one is more locked out than the other from endgame or infinite scaling, they're just different (like physical vs magic damage).

Myth: Piercing scales exponentially!
Myth: Enough pierce makes bad percent skills good!
Myth: You need a +11/+12 magic seal! +12 is where the damage starts to double!
Myth: Pierce is god at level 70 cap, Leshpon has NINETY PERCENT DAMAGE REDUCTION
Fact: Yes, Leshpon has 90% damage reduction. Normal dungeons have 85%.

The ridiculously high ninety percent damage reduction is against the gross calculated damage that you can do against breakable objects, before any defense values whatsoever have been applied. Have you ever noticed that, in a normal dungeon, a skill that does maybe 2000 damage to a monster does 50,000 to an object (or something similar)? Under the lv70 cap, stats are balanced so that your damage scales to hilariously sky-high values before defense is applied, which is why ridiculously high damage reduction has been applied to even normal dungeons to make the numbers more sane again. In just lv80 cap, new defense values and damage stat balances make all of this obsolete again, so there's no sense in hanging on to any notions whatsoever about damage, before you go into the dungeon and hit something.

Piercing just scales more or less linearly, same as everything else. Sometimes there's even stretches where the pierce increases by something like 11% -> 8% -> 13%, so it's not even always getting faster.

Moreover, piercing attack is just one part of a huge puzzle. Piercing attack is important! But so is having a large skill value, and making it even larger with chronicle equipment, and having high str/int to start with, etc. There are so many more things than just pierce contributing to speedrunner-tier damage--I actually ran dungeons faster with a +0 chron3 staff than I did with a +11 Magic Unsealed Kant, because I had chronicle armor and pink accessories when I ran with the +0 staff. Don't let any one part of the puzzle dazzle you out of maintaining the rest of it!

Myth: Strength/Intelligence gives diminishing returns!
Fact: There is no such thing as diminishing returns in any part of DFO gearing that I've come across.
Strength/Intelligence increases non-piercing damage at the rate of 1 + (str or int/250). If my weapon has 750 physical attack, my percent physical damage gets 150 more physical attack for every 50 points of strength I add. This is exactly as true at 100 strength as it is at 10,000 strength, so there is nothing that's diminishing.

Oh sure, it's proportionally a smaller number the higher my strength goes. But my strength needs that "diminishing return" in the first place to even reach those higher numbers. The fact that 668 int is proportionally less of 3600 int than it is of 1200 int does not mean that I should stop casting elemental burn + disenchant, since that would drop me to 2932 int and massively lower damage output.

For the most part, stat boosts are in mutually exclusive slots, and you lose absolutely nothing stacking more str/int/elemental attack past the point of "diminishing returns". For example, a fixed damage character has no conflict enchanting strength on his upper armor and fire attack on his ring, because each of those slots can only take those enchants and not the other. In cases where stats do compete for a slot, the better stat is due to ratios, not "diminishing returns".

My favorite case study is Base Attack Strength vs. Elemental Attack. In nearly every single slot where BAS shows up, you can put elemental attack there instead and it will always, always be better. This is true when you have 1200 BAS and 0 ele attack, it's true when you have 895 BAS and 45 ele attack, and it's true for every value in between. BAS is never reaching "diminishing returns" at any point--on the contrary, it's always hungry for more before you reach refine level 7 on a pink or epic weapon--but due to the way the stats and damage calculations balance out, elemental attack is almost always the better choice.

One exception is the QP stat. The 50 BAS from the QP shop is always, always slightly more damage than the 10 elemental attack from the same--again, regardless of how high or how low each of those stats is to begin with. It's too little to worry about, though, and there's nothing stopping you from maxing both BAS and elemental attack in your Quest Points shop.
Oh yeah, for the Suju beads, the elemental attack enchant is useless, weapon attack or BAS is the better pick.

Myth: Summoner is an afk class!
Fact: This myth is so out of date it's not even true about Sky Tower. I took summoner through Sky Tower. Twice. Have you taken summoner through Sky Tower?

Summon AI is stupid. Puppet Museum, Golem Tower, Vestibule of Darkness is dreadfully, dreadfully slow, and a huge hit on your mp potion stocks, if you try to just summon monsters and afk. Even just for completing the dungeon and leveling up in a sane amount of time, summoner takes active involvement. You have to keep whipping your monsters and directing them around with Summoner's Train, then Mark the Target, in order to get anything done. You have to keep re-summoning monsters as they disappear, or else you suddenly find yourself in a room with angry mobs and no damage output or meatshields to stop them. And pretty soon, you find yourself more engaged than you are with some direct damage/melee/physical classes. It's a fun class! if you have the taste for it.
Classes that I've used that take less thought and effort than Summoner:
Female Grappler: Press Unstoppable Grab, press buttons, grab everything
Elementalist: Get swag, press cube buttons, blow up everything
Asura: A very active class, to be sure! But with a regular class like Asura, all I have to worry about is taking care of one hitbox, and sequencing one output of skills for maximum efficiency. With summoner, I have to account for like 15-20 bodies all at once, and try to gather them away from corners and towards killing stuff.
Glacial Master: Ditto. He even has cube moves that let me just not worry about how to counter situations--Ice Trap is a super grab; and Raging Water Pillar freezes, vacuums, and sets up huge damage combos if I get killed in the middle of casting it.

Myth: You should roll a "cheap" character to fund your real character!
Fact: Honestly, I made way more money when I went all-in main and rolled for +12s on my elementalist than I ever did when I was trying to "fund her with cheap classes".

Making more money faster usually means running endgame fast and efficient, among other things. Which means a geared and optimized character. Which means . . .

Quit putting off your true love and run your main! You'll actually make more money, and have more fun doing so, by just trying to gear her up with her own money and effort.

To that end: Make a summoner only if you love to summon. If you dislike being a conductor of an orchestra or responsible for other people's shit, don't pick summoner. If you hate the idea of sending minions to do your work instead of punching stuff yourself, don't pick summoner.
If you love to summon, pick summoner.
I can't comment about their ease of use, speed, or endgame proficiency since I never took mine past 50.


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