Dungeon Fighter Online Chaos Knight Guide

About Chaos Knight


Welcome to my 2nd guide ever for Chaos Knight made by Yoowy / Zepi. The Chaos Knight sub class is a face-roll fixed poor man class. Chaos Knight works like a summoner with less reliance on AI! Please note this is strictly semi opinion based you can play how you want but I suggest following this guide up to you tho

Chaos is a sadist who use's short swords wears heavy armor. She has great room clear times. Multiple summons that do really great damage and some awesome active skills.

Dungeon Fighter Online Chaos Knight Guide

Commonly used terms


Soldier(s)- Refering to demons in Soldier tech tree all melee demons are "Soldiers"

Magician(s)- Refering to demons in Magic tech tree all ranged demons are "Magicians"

Demons- Refering to both Soldier/Magician summons

Chaos- The sub class


- Each subclass has quests to unlock new shields to equip.

- Acquired shields are stored in their own menu which can be accessed from inventory screen.

- Shields can be registered in their own quick swap menu to be switched during combat using the Change Shield skill

Common shared Knight skills


Shield Upper: Uppercut for Knights nice spin. leave at 1

Sand Kick: Kicks sand in front to blind enemies, reduce their movement speed, and increase your own evasion. Pretty good skill not a bad use of SP on Chaos but leave at rank 1

Shield Stark: A two-hit chain with the shield that stuns enemies for 1 second. Has a very low cool-down.

Perfect Guard: Automatically guards enemy attacks like weapon master's auto guard. However, it only blocks one hit in a multi hit combo but reduces the damage of that hit by 95%. Has a 15 second cooldown on the trigger, it can save you from huge blows, especially in true ancients and OV. Personal preference to max

Wheel of Fate: The Knight's basic grab. It sucks in enemies then throws them up in the air and traps them in a cog for a short time. A good grab, but leave at rank 1.

Intercept: The knight jumps up to a airborne enemy and spikes them downward like a volleyball, creating a shockwave upon enemy hitting the floor. Useless

Finsh!: The knight leaps at the nearest enemy, landing on top of them with a downward sword thrust. The skill does extra damage if the enemy is airborne or knocked down. useless

Shield Block: Works like slayer's guard, can block a attack and counterattack upon successful defense. Useless 

Defence Stance: Allows the Knight to move forward and leap forward while using Shield Block. Leap input is double-tap a direction key. Only as useful as Shield Block is. useless

Disarm: The knight slashes downward and temporarily breaks the enemies armor and weapon. Can be charged to fire a ranged attack. (This is probably the only skill you would want from the common tree) Preference

Reduces defense and attack power of enemies by 20% at a 100% chance when maxed

It lasts ~2 seconds uncharged, ~6 seconds charged

Lethal Stab: A forward thrust attack that can be charged for additional damage. Low damage. Useless

General skills


Magic Crit: Increases Magic Crit by 1% per rank Any level wanted

Quick rebound: Chaos performs a quick recovery upon getting knocked down hold down key to stay in quick rebound for a longer time has invincible frames. Great for avoiding some combo heavy OTG and gimmicks in OV. MAX

Chaos Knight subclass skills


Half-Blood Mixed: Converts basic attack to magic and changes X chain. Leveled automatically

Guardian Devil Aten: Guardian appears when chaos dies. Duration can be increased by sacrificing summons. Leveled automatically

Attack Halt!: Stops all summons from attacking. Level 1 max

Tech Tree: Demon Soldier: Summon a minion from the Soldier tree use arrow keys to select. Leveled automatically

Tech Tree: Demon Magician: Summon a minion from the Magician tree use arrow keys to select. Leveled automatically

Summon: Soldier Borass

  • Basic soldier summon.

  • Soldier Slash: Attack with a sword.
  • Soldier Jump: Jumps up and slashes with a sword. level 1

Summon: Magician Lucky Wacky

  • Basic magician summon
  • Clover Shot: Shoots an energy wave at the enemy.
  • Spade Shot: Shoots an energy wave that penetrates through the enemy. Leave at 1

Demon Wall: Soldier minions harden to make a wall, re-positions summons in front of you upon cast, and can also cancel the harden early. Level 1 utility 

Sacrifice Bomb: Chaos kicks a minion sends em flying (they die) effect changes on which demon gets kicked. Important to note that Sac bomb level decides damage effects. Max

Lucky Wacky: Neutral elemental explosion

Vampire: Petrifies

Twinkle Artist: Reduces all Ele. resistance

Rage Hat: Stuns the enemy

Heart Queen: Percent HP damage

Missing some effects will fill later when i get the English

Resonance:Attack enemy with sword swing and Soldiers harden any monsters around Soldiers get hardened and take damage. Max

Summon: Soldier Hysteric Warrior Block

Head Stamp: Jumps with a downward strike at the enemy.

Reckless Stamp: Recklessly stamps the enemy with a hammer.

Hammer Turn: Attacks the enemy by spinning.

Madness: Attack power grows. Max

Vicious Transfusion

Buff that allows you to go sadist on yo minions. Attack yo own demons to up there attack power / buff stacks. Max pair this with Fancy Twist and it's easy to get the buff down.

Fancy Twist

Tornado attack around you multi-hits sucks enemies in. Nice skill ok damage great for bunching up mobs AoE grows with size? level 1 utlity

Summon: Soldier Gelatin Mask Jason

Latch: Latches unto a nearby enemy damaging and slowing it down.

Handle Axe: Powerful slash against an enemy with the axe. Preference

Summon: Magician Twinkle Artist Bobby

Paint Shot: Fires paint at an enemy.

Elemental Brush: Lowers the elemental resistance of enemies.

Copy Copy!: Copies the enemy. Attacks against the copied enemy deals more damage to the main body Max

Brain Storm: Jimmy Neutron has a brainstorm increases max amount of demon minions and reduces CD on summons. Also gives Chaos INT and aspd increase. Max

Battering Ram: Rush forward with Soldiers multi-hit attack. Good damage nice AoE. Max

Summon: Soldier Crazy Spin Igor 

Spin: Rotates in place.

Spin Curve: Rushes an enemy while rotating.

Jump Spin: Jumps by rotating. Max

Summon: Magician Vampire Shiloh

Bat Wave: Launches an energy wave.

Appetite of Temptation!: Fires a heart at enemies that petrifies.

Foggy Flower: Absorbs approaching enemies’ HP. Absorbed HP is transferred to the Chaos. pref

Hell Gate:Plant a gate on floor demon soldier's come out except Big Daddy up to summon limit. Enemy's take damage when demon comes out of gate.

Elemental Circle: Applies a element of choice on Magician's or a physical attack aura for Soldier's. Max

Drill slash: Attack enemy's in a V arc bunch's em all up at center. level 1

Summon: Magician Rage Hat Lupin (the 3rd)

Won Token: Attacks by tossing a large coin.

Gold Hand: Fires a gold hand at the enemy that stops it instantly.

Jackpot: Pours coins over the heads of enemies.

All In: Throws a large amount of coins at enemies. Max

Summon: Soldier Big Daddy

Mega! Slash: Powerful slash against enemies.

Nut Break: Whacks the floor with its sword to stun surrounding enemies.

Big Jump: Jumps with a powerful crash that causes a shock wave attack to surrounding enemies. Max

Genocide CRUSH!: Attack enemy's with a powerful slash sends demons flying to explode. (Sac bomb determines damage on demons that explode) Follows effects of sacrificing bomb. max

Lucky Wacky: Neutral elemental explosion

Vampire: Petrifies

Twinkle Artist: Reduces all Ele. resistance

Rage Hat: Stuns the enemy

Heart Queen: Percent HP damage

Iam missing some effects will get to when i get the English

Final Attack!

Continuous slashes amazing damage. pref

Summon: Magician Heart Queen Elisa

Heart Attack: Attacks enemies with a heart toss.

Heart Break: Blows away the enemy’s HP if struck. The effect is weaker on boss, champion, named, and hell monsters as well as APCs. aka black ring effect.

1 UP!!: Puts a heart above the head of a demon soldier resurrecting it if it is defeated or sacrificed.

Bestow Title: Upgrades 1 demon soldier to a higher type of demon soldier. Max

Transgenic awakening passive

Whenever demon is summoned or sacrificed INT increases stacks (Its difficult to keep this up all the time) max

Devil Flurry awakening active

Omae wa no shinderu! Punch multiple times with the sun god Aten. Spam X for more punch's last hit a giant fist comes out from floor.

Level 3: Flurry duration increased

Level 6: CD lowered on enemy's killed

Level 9: Crit chance increases

Black Shock Wave 60 ex

Create a giant shock wave blind / damage. Soldiers in shock wave generate small shock waves. level 1

Dimension Blade 70 ex

Slash a bunch of times going in and out of portals (half life 3 confirmed) afterwards Magicians fire lasers. pref

Common Knight TP Skills


Shield Upper attack power increase 8% (per rank)

Lion Kick attack power increase 8% , dust size increase 5% (per rank)

Shield Stark attack power increase 8% , stun level increase 1 level per (per rank)

Lethal Stab attack power increase 8%, max charge duration reduction 5% (per rank)

Wheel of Fate attack power increase 8% (per rank)

FINISH! attack power up 8% , downward strike power 3% (per rank)

Disarm attack power up 8%, max charge time reduced 4% (per rank)

Chaos Knight TP Skills


Summon: Soldier Borass Attack up 10%, chance to trigger demon jump 5% (per rank)

Summon: Magician Lucky Wacky Attack up 10%, Clover shot chance 10% (per rank)

Summon: Soldier Hysteric Warrior Attack up 10%, Chance to bleed 10% (per rank)

Demon Wall attack up 10%, Duration up 1 second (garbage) (per rank)

Resonance attack power up 10%, 0.5 seconds duration up (per rank) (Preference if going to be hold slave)

Sacrifice Bomb Attack up 10%, status effect level up (per rank) (max if sac build)

Summon: Soldier Gelatin Mask attack up 10%, Latch duration 1 second mspd reduction increased 5% (per rank)

Summon: Magician Twinkle Artist Copy Copy attack up 10%, copy copy shot amount 10% (per rank) (Preference)

Vicious Transfusion damage increase (for summons) 10%, increases attack range of soldiers 50px (per rank) (Preference)

Fancy Twist attack power up 10%, multi stage hit interval down 10% (per rank) (Preference)

Summon: Soldier Crazy Spin attack up 10%, Spin Curve trigger chance 3% (per rank)

Summon: Magician Vampire attack power up 10%, absorption amount 10% increase (per rank) (Preference)

Battering Ram Attack power up 10%, demon mspd 5% (per rank) (Preference)

Summon: Magician Rage Hat attack up 10%, Multi hit skill number increase 1 (per rank)

Drill Slash attack up 10%, Multi hit stage amount increase 1 (per rank) (Preference)

Summon: Soldier Big Daddy attack power up 10%, increase time summons last by 5 seconds (per rank) (MAX IT)

Genocide Crush attack power up 15% , 8 increase in size explosion (per rank) (Preference)

Summon: Magician Heart Queen attack up 10%, duration 10% (per rank) (Preference)

Final Attack increases slash amount by 1 (per rank) poop


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