Dungeon Fighter Online Delezie User Server Merge Compensation

1. Character Renaming Ticket x2 (per character)

In order to help players who have lost their character names, Character Renaming Ticket x2 (account bound) will be
sent to all eligible characters.

2. Neo Premium Contract Plus (30 Days) (per account)

To become stronger in a more competitive environment, Neo Premium Contract Plus (30 days) will given to all eligible

3. Guild Renaming Ticket x1 (Only for guild masters)

To help start your adventure in Cain server, Guild Renaming Ticket (untradeable) will be sent to each guild master in

Dungeon Fighter Online  Delezie User Server Merge Compensation

Item will be automatically mailed to your first logged on character after merging process.

Please note that compensation will be given out on OCT 27 during the server merge.

After the server merge, all items in your Account Vault will be sent to a random character on your account. Therefore,
if you have moved any items to your Account Vault using Transcendence Stones, please move them to the character’s
inventory that you wish to use the item on. If you do not do so, your class specific items may end up on a character
that you cannot use the item on. (ex. Female Slayer Chronicle item getting sent to a Male Gunner)


Completed Order

  • Excellent

    Tiner Buy Delezie (NA - West) 1900M Gold

    Mar/24/2019 11:51:31
  • Excellent

    Custorm Buy Cain(NA - East) 40M Gold

    Mar/24/2019 11:51:31
  • Excellent

    Raymond Li Buy Cain(NA - East) 700M Gold

    Mar/24/2019 11:51:31
  • Excellent

    Tristan Buy Delezie (NA - West) 1600M Gold

    Mar/24/2019 11:51:31
  • Excellent

    Smallfish Buy Cain(NA - East) 70M Gold

    Mar/24/2019 11:51:31