DFO OBT Part 2 has started!

As Knight is introduced, for 2 weeks from today(~Apr 28, 08:00 UTC), we've decided to provide a bonus item, Fatigue Recovery Potion (156, 3 days) only to newly created characters.

DFO OBT Part 2 has started!

Please enjoy OBT Pt.2 packed with exciting new contents and events!

<Bugs/glitches fixed>
- ']' displaying twice on some of the sealing magic items
- Blocked user chatting showing
- In the dungeon "Reef of Disgrace", being out of site from aerial attacks
- Some wrong/typo skill and quest information
- Missing awakening NPC lines at appropriate levels
- Guild message for reinforcement when succeeded and failed

- New class: Knight
- Avatar of the Month
- Mileage System

- Level-up Challenge
- Growing Dragon Event
- Infinity Ascension and Despair


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