DFO Importance of Professions

Importance of Professions

DFO Importance of Professions

Professions are a big part of DFO and can really determine how you end up playing the game. It can help you out in dungeons, make you tons of money, and more. In this section, I’ll cover each of the professions and my personal advice in regards to them. Know that this is a beginner’s guide, so any advanced information such as types of mats given from a specific kind of equip grind won’t be given (I’ll leave that info to someone else!).

Also know that if you have four alts, you can just pick up all four professions! There are no classes that would benefit from a particular profession since that’s opinion based (depends on skill/level/balance/goals).

But before anything, let’s go over what to do about all those non-white and non-blue equips!

Tip #6: Profession Grinding!
Each profession, besides disassembler profession, has their own personal profession disassembler. Note that when I say personal profession disassembler, I mean the machine you get that outputs profession-only items when you grind equips in it. The disassembler profession does not have this, they just have a normal disassembler that anyone can use.

Know that I won’t cover chronicle/epic gear grinding since, if you have chronicle/epic gear, you’ll already know what you are doing. However, if in the off chance you acquired some, just follow the same advice I give for uniques.

Magic Seals/Rares:
Let’s first go over magic seal/rare weapons. Most likely, after a week of playing, you would have seen an accumulation of magic seal goods. I had recommended in the first part not to grind them and instead convert them into an equip of your choice.

But what if you have too many? And too low leveled? Then I recommend to grind them up in your personal profession disassembler, such as an alchemy disassembler. You can get pretty good items from the profession-specific disassembler. I still advocate not to grind them in a normal disassembler since you won’t get much at all. For normal rares, a normal disassembler or disassembler shop works.

That’s for magic seals and rares. How about uniques? There’s several choices when it comes to uniques. If it’s untradeable, either grind it in your personal profession disassembler, or find a high leveled (7+ is good) disassembler shop that’s open and grind them up there. It’s your choice.

For tradeable, you have a few more options. Either sell it on the AH, grind them up in your personal profession disassembler, or find a high leveled player disassembler shop and grind them there. Again, you should decide on a case by case basis.

The reason behind grinding uniques at a normal disassembler (not at a personal profession version) is to get high elemental crystals. Those are really handy later on, especially when you find an epic recipe (you’ll need a ton of them!).

Fun Fact: The reason why you find some uniques as untradeable is because they are boss uniques. The ones that can be traded are normal uniques! Normal uniques drop most frequently from specialty dungeons, which have a gold border on the dungeon map.

Additional Note: Also know that you can upgrade your profession personal disassembler for a better version that can output better/more items! Do this at Abello. And you also get a daily quest everyday to trade in some items for profession related materials.

Profession #1: Disassembler!
This profession is a simple one and so I’ll just go straight to some facts.

Leveling. To level up as a profession disassembler, all you need to do is have others use your shop. One of the easier professions to level up as all you need to do is go AFK often.
Upgrading. Even though you may level up as a disassembler, know that your shop does not level up immediately. You need to purposely upgrade your shop.
Repairing. Your disassembler in your shop has durability. So you’ll need to repair. The higher leveled your shop (not your actual level), the higher the repair costs.
Fees. You can set a price for disassembling. That means, for others to use your shop, they would need to pay. You make money this way.

Now that that’s covered, I’ll go over a personal tactic of mine when it comes to leveling/upgrading:

Do not upgrade your shop immediately. Stagger your upgrades, as repair fees will only increase and you won’t make a profit early on anyway.
Know that you base your fees on other disassembler shops. If a level 4 is selling at 100, minimum, then you can definitely make a profit selling at 90 or so.
Upgrade to 5 from level 1 in one go to start making a profit. Normal NPC disassemblers are level 4. Then go to 8 for durability boost. Every progressive level after 8 is 100 more in durability.
Know that I skipped 3 as it’s not profitable at the current market. This can change, just keep a lookout for market trends going on right now.
You increase your repair shop by 2 each time as the higher odd numbers gives out more/better items when you grind items.

Additional Notes: Also I believe the normal NPC disassembler is level 4. In order to stay competitive with as little costs as possible, I highly recommend jumping straight to 5 from level 1.

UPDATE: Apparently level 7 Disassembler does not have a durability boost. Does anyone know the level for the durability boost? Most likely it's level 9.

I’ll just leave you with another fact before I go onto the next profession. There are disassembler dolls. I’m not sure yet if they are in DFOG, but eventually you can get a doll to set up shop for you. This way you can dungeon or do whatever you want, while the doll manages the shop.

Profession #2: Enchanter!
Enchanters and disassemblers are similar to each other. They both have shops. The key difference is that, for enchanters, their shop level increases automatically as you level up.

As we’ve covered before, Enchanters also have their own personal profession disassembler. With their disassembler, you can get mana essences or low grade elemental crystals.

Anyway, I do not recommend this profession to newbies. There’s only two real reasons why you would want to be an enchanter (unless you have many alts of course). Either you plan to make profit by selling your services to high end players much later on, or you want to use their personal profession disassembler to get low grade elemental crystals (those are really useful!). You’ll use these items to power your shop as well.

Enchanters can enchant weapons with cards or make beads with enchanted effects. Normally, people with end game items will want to enchant their equips to make it marginally stronger than they already are.

Now, let’s cover the simpler professions.

Profession #3: Animators!
This profession is really beginner friendly and simple to understand. You make APCs, basically NPCs you can summon in dungeons, to help you out when grinding. They are used up like any consumable so you’ll need to make more if you run out.

The way to make animations is to first go to Abello and buy the recipe you want. Higher leveled Animators can make higher leveled APCs. And then you craft up your APC using the materials asked for in the recipe. Know that once you buy a recipe, you won’t need to buy it again (it will be logged for you in your profession menu).

Your profession personal disassembler spits out all the items you’ll need to create your APCs. So by grinding equips in that, you’ll get the materials needed to craft your APCs. The higher grade the equips, the more/better the materials.

Profession #4: Alchemists!
Also very beginner friendly. Alchemists are exactly like Animators except, instead of APCs, they make potions. This could be HP,MP, fatigue, or more. Though we don’t have access to fatigue potions just yet! Apparently we do, whoops!

Just for consistency, I’ll list out all you need to know again. Get recipes from Abello, open up profession menu to create potions, and if you need materials, use your profession personal disassembler.

And that’s pretty much it!

Added Information: You can get golden cube fragments from disassembling equips at dissassembler shops. Higher the level, the higher chance of it. Golden cube frags come in handy later on so try to stock up on it. Also note that apparently the shop dolls are already in the game. I didn't notice!


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