DFO Beginner's Guide - Magic Seal Equips Getting Started With Easy Tips

Magic Seal Equips are an important part about the game and a lot of newbies won't know what to do with them nor what they offer to the table. Let me briefly go over some facts that you will need to know about magic seal equips first. Also, I'd like to thank lolwitchlol for the original guide on these. They helped me out a long time ago.

DFO Beginner


  • They are a particular rare (purple) weapons/armor.
  • They are really common and drop often in dungeons.
  • They have certain properties that make them extremely useful even to end game players.

Note: Since I keep using tips in this guide, I might as well format the last part of the guide with tips as well.

Do NOT grind Magic Seal Equips!

Logic: Magic Seal Equips, despite being rare, are not exactly the same. That's why when you grind them, you don't get much if anything as a result. You get way more cube fragments from blues or whites!

Exception: What do I do when I have too many Magic Seal Equips or if I have a full set of them for my level? Then you can grind them for low grade crystals or sell them for some extra cash.

Go to Seria and break magic seals!

Explanation: Basically, Seria is an NPC that will 'break' magic seals on your equips. So if you wish to use your magic seal equips, go to her to break them. It only costs a small fee.

You should also note that you get 1-3 effects on your magic sealed equip. They will all be different stats, so you won't see STR twice for instance. Additional Notes: A user brought to my attention that you can break magic seals by simply right clicking on them. He's right, I completely forgot about that. Most likely that's how it'll be in DFOG.

Change Unwanted Stats!

Explanation: You are allowed to reroll a single stat from your 1-3 stats indefinitely till you get a good one you want. This option is known as "Convert Magic Seal".

Note that I said a ' single' stat. This means you need to choose the one you want to keep retrying, as the others would be locked afterwards.

Convert equip into a new one!

Pitch: Can't find the right equip for you? You need class X, but you only have class Y and Z equips? Not a problem!

Explanation: Seria has another option called "Recast Magic Seal." You can take two broken magic seals (aka the ones you released the seal for already) and sort of...combine them for a new equip! But it will offer options for you. So you can make that Class X equip!

Now for some added facts since you now know the basics:

  • You can get Auras. Auras are ranges at which your stats can affect other players. And you can potentially stack Auras. Example: Let's say you have one equip that gives you an INT aura of 100 px. And another equip that gives an INT aura of 150 px. Within 100px, both auras stack, but beyond 100 and before 150, you only get the INT from the second aura stat.
  • You can get skills as well as stats from Magic Seal Equips. For instance, +1 on a particular skill on a class.
  • There are rankings for certain stats. The best is S rank, while lowest is C rank.


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