The Sombra ARG getting another clue tomorrow – or concluding? -

The twists and turns of the Sombra ARG have been many. November 1st is set to bring another clue to the puzzle, or perhaps solve it?

It started with a clue in the original Ana trailer in July: The ARG (Alternate Reality Game) about Sombra. The community has played a scavenger hunt with the game developers, where they try to solve this riddle that is supposed to bring a new hero to Overwatch.
One of the biggest leads in this ARG has been the website that is “run by” Sombra, On October 18th, the latest clue was announced via the site:

...Estableciendo conexión...
...Protocolo Sombra v1.95 iniciado...

...Transmisión finalizada - finalizando carga... 
...Carga finalizada. Unidad Bastion E-54 comprometida...

...Terminando conexión...

People immediately started going through everything that was related to Bastion. But, not long after the clue was released, people declared how fed up they were. The ARG was fun at first, but enough is enough, people said. What mostly got people annoyed was the fact that nothing concrete has actually happened. (Yet.)

The only actual, “real” information we’ve gotten about Sombra so far was from a leak. There, you could see an actual image of her (?) along with some information.

Part of the speculations also include BlizzCon, Blizzards own gaming festival. There, they always tend to do gaming announcements, both big and small. A Sombra announcement would fit right in. But, the dates don't match. The next Sombra “clue” is due on November 1st, while Blizzcon officially starts on the 4th.

Long story short: The latest clues that include Bastion, the map Dorado and a fictional website for the equally fictional company LumériCo all hint towards something happening on November 1st. But so far, nobody actually knows what will happen.

If you want to dive deeper into the Sobra ARG, you can for example check out the well maintained wiki page. Otherwise, don’t forget to keep your eye on social media.

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