GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

A guide to Xera, the 3rd and final raid boss of Stronghold of the Faithful Raid Wing.


  • 1 General
  • 2 Mechanics
    • 2.1 Platforms
    • 2.2 Debuff
    • 2.3 Phase 1
    • 2.4 Phase 2
    • 2.5 Phase 3
    • 2.6 Phase 4
  • 3 Acknowledgements


  • HP: 22,611,300
  • Enrage Timer: 11 Minutes
  • Class Composition: Xera aggros on the player with the highest toughness. Dividing the squad into two 5/5 parties each with a healer is recommended.
  • Mastery Requirement: Ley Line Gliding
  • General Strategy: Split the raid into two equivalent groups that go left and right from the first platform (platform 1) to destroy two sets of Bloodstone Shards before regrouping at platform 4. Move to the main central platform to fight Xera while destroying Bloodstone fragments to make space on the platform as you move around from the AoEs that alternates between half of the platform. Use the special action key if you get the special item to protect your raid from Xera’s deadly attack and break Xera’s breakbar whenever it appears. At 50% move together as a raid between the outer platforms to destroy Charged Bloodstones and then regroup at the central platform to fight Xera again. Beware of Xera teleporting random raid members to a platform with Bloodstone Shards that need to be destroyed (this should occur at least 2x past the 50% phase).


Druid PoV

Ele PoV



The fight area has 7 platforms, with six smaller numbered platforms surrounding a larger central platform. Most of the fight will occur at the main platform but all the platforms will be used for the fight.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -


This fight applies a stacking debuff called Derangement to players when they get hit by any kind of Bloodstone attacks (small red circular AoEs) from either the Bloodstone Shards, or from Xera herself. It is similar to the stacking debuff you get inside the Twisted Castle maze and only becomes a serious issue once you gain high enough stacks as it can fear you and eventually one shot you (when it reaches 100 stacks).

This debuff havn’t been a serious issue except one or two attempts where it feared someone off a platform but it is worth to mention just incase. You can keep track of your debuff stacks in on your buff bar and once you get enough stacks you will see a silver, gold, and eventually red icon above your head as a warning.

You can remove some stacks of this debuff when you destroy the Bloodshard Shards/Charged Bloodstones.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide - dfo4gold.comGW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

Phase 1

For phase 1, the raid should split into two equal teams (preferably with a healer on each but not necessary). You will start on platform 1 and one team will head to platform 6 while the other fly to platform 2 via Ley Line gliding.

Platform 2/6

You will see a Bloodstone Shard enclosed by a red bauble on each platform. To remove the bauble, you need to push/drag the Exquisite Conjunctions into the Unstable Ley Rifts while avoiding the orange circles. Doing this successfully 3 times will removed the bauble that makes the Bloodstone Shard invulnerable.

  • Ranger/Mesmer have pulls with Focus #4/Axe #4 that can pull the Exquisite Conjunctions to the Ley Rift.
  • If the conjunctions disappears due to hitting the orange circles, new ones will spawn shortly.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

You have a limited time to kill the Bloodstone Shard before the platform disappear and Xera kills everyone.

Platform 3/5

Once you killed the first set of Bloodstone Shards, you can move on to the next platform via Ley Line gliding. This platform requires 3 players standing on 3 buttons to remove the invulnerable bauble. Standing on the buttons will give you a stacking debuff that instantly down you once it reach 10 stacks so you will want to coordinate and do a count down to have everyone stand on the platform the same time. Unless your DPS is super good you won’t kill the Bloodstone Shard on one go so you will need to have everyone step off at 8-9 stacks. The debuffs are apparently specific to the button so you can stand on another button or just wait a few seconds for a few stacks of the debuff to fall off.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

Phase 2

Once you finish off the Bloodstone Shards in platform 3/5, you will regroup at Platform 4 and then move onto the bigger central platform. In Phase 2 you will fight Xera directly. There are four things you need to know about this phase.

Xera Attacks

Xera has an enhanced Blurred Frenzy attack that will cleave anyone caught in front of her and give them high stacks of confusion, torment and other conditions. Tanks need to watch out for this attack and use condition removals and blocks as needed as the high stacks of confusion and the damage can down you quickly if not blocked.

Xera also drops small red circular AoEs that act like Gravity Well, dealing damage and lifting players caught them into the air. These circular AoEs will increase your debuff stacks.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

Xera has a breakbar phase where she will raise her sword in the air. If you don’t break her bar quickly, she will spawn a bunch of Bloodstone fragments that will cover the entire platform. You need to break her bar quickly to prevent the fragments from overcrowding the platform.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

Lastly Xera will also summon phantasms and white mantle knights to aid her that can be pulled to Xera and cleaved down.

Bloodstone Fragments

These fragments will spawn in an overlapping fashion in a clockwise direction with new ones spawning every 10s. Their goal is to block out the platform, making it unusable as you take damage when standing inside their AoE. This can be deadly when combined with the AoEs that cover half of the platform.  You can have 1-2 players assigned to take them out.

  • Players who get downed in Bloodstone Fragment AoEs sometimes cannot be rezzed. Unsure if this is a bug or intended so make sure you do not get downed in them.
  • Generally we clear the Bloodstone fragments in the same order as they spawn. This allow the tank to drag Xera around the platform following the path of cleared Bloodstone fragments.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide - dfo4gold.comGW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

Platform Covering AoE

Every 30s, one half of the platform will be blocked out with an AoE that the entire raid need to move out of. The AoE pattern alternates so if one half of the platform get covered this time the other half will get covered the next time.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

There is another AoE that originates from middle of the platform and shoot out red orbs. The orbs do not seem to do much damage but they do make middle of the platform unusable.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

Ambient Magic/Deadly Attack

This will usually occur only once in this phase. One raid member will be called out to have harnessed some ambient magic. This person will gain a special ground targeted AoE bauble they can deploy with the special action key. This will shield the entire raid from Xera’s Deadly Attack. You don’t want to deploy this as soon as you get the item as the bauble only last for a few seconds and Xera doesn’t do the attack right away. When you see the message that Xera is poisoned for a a deadly attack, countdown to 5 and then deploy it.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide - dfo4gold.comGW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

The Deadly Attack is not a one hit, one shot mechanic but rather a damage over time so even if you have to eat the first hit or two it won’t kill you as long you deploy the bauble in time.

Phase 3

Phase 3 get triggered once Xera reaches 50%. Xera will disappear from the main platform and you will be directed to platform 4. On the platform a Charged Bloodstone will spawn in a few seconds and you will need to kill it before moving on to the next platform (platform 5) via leyline gliding. You need to kill the Charged Bloodstone quickly as the platform will disappear fast and make you fall to your death if you have not moved on. You will need to kill Charged Bloodstones in a circular fashion around the main platform: Platform 4->5->6->1->2-3 before making back to Platform 4 to enter Phase 4.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

The two biggest dangers in this phase are the AoEs from the giant marionette hovering overhead that will try bombard your platform with AoEs. If you get hit by any of them, you will get Cripple, Torment, Vulnerability, and Confusion. This can slow you down drastically or even down you, making a rez impossible as the platforms will disappear before your team can get you up.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

The other danger is purely self-inflicted. Sometimes the leyline connecting to the next platform points to a walled side of the platform. Instead of gliding head on to the wall, you want to glide off the leyline near the end and then glide through the opening in the wall.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -

Phase 4

Phase 4 is the last 50% of Xera. This phase isn’t too different from Phase 2 with the exception of two things.

Bloodstone fragments will now spawn in a counterclockwise direction so you will need to move Xera differently in Phase 4.

Additionally, Xera will teleport 5 random players up to a platform at around 40% and 20% HP respectively. This platform will have the same Bloodstone Shard mechanic seen in Phase 1. The first platform will have the Exquisite Conjunctions and the second platform will have the three buttons that you need to step on to disable the bauble surrounding the bloodstones.

  • There is a portal on the platform that can be used by someone with an important role in the main group to teleport back (i.e. a healer). Watch out make sure that they do not teleport back into the Deadly Attack as that will kill them instantly.

At the same time as the teleport, Xera will perform the Deadly Attack mechanic on rest of the players remaining on the central platform.

GW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide - dfo4gold.comGW2 Xera Raid Boss Guide -


Special thanks for members of the [zQ] progression team and Rubik from [LOD] for writing up the initial draft of the guide.


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