GW2 World vs World Poll -

Arenanet would like your feedback on which area of world vs world to work on next and has constructed a poll.

You can enter the poll here at, note that you will need to login to be able to access the poll.

April 28, 2016 – May 4, 2016


The World vs. World team would like the community to vote on which project they will be working on next!

They have two categories of projects in mind, which have been broken down into a number of smaller subprojects. This initial vote will determine which major project category the team will focus on next, and future polls will ask you to vote on which of those subprojects you’d like to see first. Regardless of which project wins, the team will continue to fix bugs and address balance concerns. Also, let us know what you think by joining the discussion on the official forums!

  • WvW Scoring Improvements
    • Reduce the impact of night capping.
    • Lessen the gap between winning scores and losing scores so losing teams can still recover.
    • Adjust objective score relative to upgrade level.
    • Adjust score for capturing objectives.
    • Rebalance the score awarded for activities that don’t reward points per tick.
    • Take suggestions from the community!
  • WvW Quality of Life Improvements
    • Add an option for reduced nameplate clutter.
    • Add cross-map team chat.
    • Add objective-summary tool tips.
    • Add a display effect for Righteous Indignation on map markers.
    • Add floating indicators when gaining points toward war score.
    • Add a WXP-gain sparkle trail.
    • Add a territory-control map overlay.
    • Take suggestions from the community!
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