dfo4gold - GW2 Fourth Birthday Gift Details

GW2 players are now getting the fourth birthday gift a day early, here is what you can expect from the Birthday Gifts.

To get the 4th birthday gift, your character’s age must be 1460 days. Then you will get a mail (try relogging if you don’t).

dfo4gold - GW2 Fourth Birthday Gift Details

Opening this birthday pack, you will get

  • 1x Experience Scroll (boost a character instantly to level 40)
  • 2x Birthday Booster
  • 5x Teleport to Friend
  • 1x Jubilant Dye Pack
  • 1x Birthday Card (consume for 5000 karma).

dfo4gold - GW2 Fourth Birthday Gift Details

Now you also get the Anniversary Backpack and Mail Carrier Pack. This is tied to the 4th birthday achievement and you can only get 1 per account, so only one Anniversary Backpack per account. You also get the Stalwart title with this achievement.


Pick carefully from the following 5 choices.

  • Rata Sum Apparatus – [&CuoaAAA=]
  • Black Citadel Engine – [&Cu8aAAA=]
  • Divinity’s Reach Rucksack – [&CvIaAAA=]
  • Hoelbrak Mountain Pack – [&CuwaAAA=]
  • Grove Hydria – [&CvYaAAA=]


For the Jubilant Dye Pack, you get to pick from 10 dye kits and from each dye kit you can pick out the exact dye you want. The dye is account bound but you will be able to chose from some of the expensive dyes like the Shadow Abyss dye found in the Shadow Dye pack that give you the darkest black dye.



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