dfo4gold | China-Korea Megagame Chinese Qualifier is Underway

Brace yourself for even more Chinese and Korean Overwatch action!

Considering the language barrier that can exist between the West and the East, it is easy to forget about the Asian eSports scene until at some point they win all international events completely. Shooters aren't historically the best proving ground for Asian teams, but there's no harm in following their scenes from the start. 

Coupled with the China-Korea Nexus Cup comes the China-Korea Megagame tournament organized by PandaTV, the eastern equivalent of Twitch.TV. The tournament runs from Aug 3rd to Sept 1st and features top teams from China and Korea facing off in more epic showdowns.

Currently ongoing is the Chinese qualifier pitting 16 of the country's best teams against each other. Some of the teams competing include Snake eSports, NGA Club and Newbee. Next matches begin on Aug 17th at 21:00CST. Casters will be Lalalu, Fenxiaoxi and Zixuan and you can watch all the action live at this stream.


Group Stages

  • Round Robin, BO3
  • Four groups, top four from each group advances to playoffs


  • Single elimination, BO5

Prize Pool

  • 60,000 CNY ($9,000 USD)
  • 1st place - 30,000 CNY ($4,500 USD)
  • 2nd place - 20,000 CNY ($3,000 USD)
  • 3rd place - 10,000 CNY ($1,500 USD)

For additional information (in Chinese) click here.

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