Alpha Preview: 0.3.5 Hotfix #3 on dfo4gold

Hotfix #3 is currently live on the Test Server and will be released to Shards of Aria later on today.

  • Lower limits applied to gains on all crafting skills. You may no longer gain by crafting items sufficiently below your skill level.
  • Mage hat is now treated as Padded Armor.
  • Player houses now collapse when the owner character is deleted.
  • Players can no longer loot player chests through walls.
  • Skill titles adjusted.
  • Select Catacombs monsters no longer respawn instantly.
  • Stealing no longer possible whilst dead.
  • Addressed some Woodsmithing recipes with low resource requirements, overhaul to come in next build.
  • Rock Bombardment spell re-enabled.
  • First Aid only now useable via abilities (bandages may no longer be used directly).
  • Channeling can no longer be grained through the PvP Flag.
  • AoE spells no longer castable through walls.
  • Monsters are no longer bugged through the use of AoE spells.
  • Backstab no longer places players in combat.
  • Issue with stabled pets going missing has been resolved.
  • Rufus is no longer naked.


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