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The 1v1 style tournament is set to start off with Genji duels on October 29th/30th. Expect to see impressive mechanical prowess from this refreshing new take on an Overwatch tournament!

The first round of this long running tournament will feature - in full costume - our favorite Cyborg Ninja. We're seeing a wide variety of players enter the arena. Skill levels range from Grand Master to the humble ranks of Silver. A vast majority of the participants hail from the Asian region, but there are a few players from the United States and a handful from Europe. The success of this event could usher in a whole new variety of tournaments if viewers enjoy the experience. Sometimes the most electrifying moments are stellar Genji players locked in a duel or top-tier masters of McCree in a shootout. This tournament potentially offers an entire match of fight to the death action.


  • Genji – October 29th/30th
  • Junkrat – November 5th/6th
  • Reinhardt – November 12th/13th
  • McCree – November 19th/20th
  • Hanzo – November 26th/27th
  • Roadhog – December 3rd/4th
  • Pharah – December 10th/11th
  • Tracer – December 17th/18th



The tournament will be broadcasted in both English and Korean.

Tournament Information

Qualifiers are run on the first date listed for each hero, with the final eight players competing in a broadcasted show for the top spot on the second. Preliminary brackets are available here.

With the plethora of options available in Custom Games, we may very well see more unique tournament ideas pop up. It's safe to say that Overwatch is a very fast paced game with teams of 6, so it'll be interesting to see if a 1v1 format is still captivating to a twitch audience. With an interesting map pool of only King of the Hill maps, this tournament is definitely taking a step away from what the Overwatch community is used to.

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